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3D Rendering

External rendering, that is the rendering of walls, houses and other structures made of brickwork has came a long way in recent years and while in the past all that could be expected of cement rendering was a nice clean finish, today there are many examples of 3D rendering that have made many properties look absolutely fantastic.

Indeed, the latest form of cement rendering has allowed for many advanced styles during the finishing phase of rendering which can not only extend the life of walls, garages and houses, but also looks fantastic. This 3D rendering is becoming more and more popular thanks to not only the fact that there are numerous effects that builders can finish the cement render with, but because it really does look out of this world.

From rendering a brick wall and finishing it to look like sandstone to inlaying stones and other 3D techniques, 3D rendering is transforming the traditionally boring cement render into something altogether more creative. The good news is that while you'd think it is considerably more expensive, 3D rendering isn't that much more expensive than a standard cement render. This form of rendering is not only more affordable than decorative brickwork, it lasts a great deal longer.

Today, 3D rendering of walls and homes come in two main types being cement rendering and acrylic rendering. Another example of 3D rendering would have to be stucco which is a similar concept to cement rendering but it tends to be more decorative and takes advantage of 3d effects more often. However, despite that cement rendering still remains popular thanks to the fact it can transform the exterior of almost any building. With cement rendering your home not only looks great, it's protected from the elements too.

UK weather really can wreak havoc on walls and buildings. The fact is that wind, rain, hail and snow can degrade brickwork quickly and with cement rendering, you can prolong the life of any structure. Thanks to the fact that modern rendering techniques create a waterproof layer of cement over the brickwork, it ensures a waterproof seal that also strengthens the structure. With 3D rendering as the finishing coat, you've not only got a strong protective layer, but an artistically beautiful structure that's going to stand for years.

3D rendering may not be associated with traditional cement renders but the fact is that there are many different styles of cement / acrylic render which make it a real 3D endeavour. From the traditional pebbledash to more specialist patterns that can be designed by skills trades people, rendering can give your property a fresh new look and increase the value of any home.

As more and more people take advantage of 3D rendering techniques to make their property stand out, cement rendering is only getting more affordable. With the countless benefits that rendering can have on your property, it's something that's worthwhile for just about everyone. Rendering has been around for centuries as it's one of the most effective ways of protecting a structure against the elements and not only that, it's a great way to add a classy finish.

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