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Benefits of Rendering

There are many different ways of rendering a property. While it is usually the exterior of a building that is rendered, it is also possible to render interior walls. There are a number of benefits of rendering a property, not least of these being that a render will hide any surface imperfections such as hairline cracks that a building may have. Rendering can add the finishing touch to your home and can be as personal as you want it to be.

Choose the Render to Suit Your Home

There are many different types of rendering available and the one that you choose will depend on the kind of property you have, the general state of your property, what you want to achieve, and how much money you have to spend. One of the problems with many homes, especially older properties, is that insulation and soundproofing is poor. An extra layer of insulation and a certain amount of soundproofing are among the benefits of rendering the exterior walls of your property.

Preparation for Rendering

Irrespective of what type of rendering you choose, e.g., acrylic, polymer or cement the building has to be thoroughly prepared beforehand. One of the major benefits of rendering is that it requires a thorough hosing down of the surface and treating any mould that might be found adding the render, particularly an acrylic render, will give the stone or bricks underneath room to breathe because it is permeable by water vapours. Rendering can give your property a completely new look and among the many benefits of rendering is the ability to choose a look that reflects your personal taste and style. Modern methods of rendering are far more adaptable, giving you the chance to have the exact look that you want. It used to be the case that if you had a property rendered it might only last for about five years and you would need to have it done again, modern rendering techniques provide you with a render that is far more durable than in the past, which is another of the benefits of rendering.

Types of Renders

A choice of finishes is one of the benefits of rendering. While there are a number of different types of render available, the three main types of render that are most common are cement, acrylic and solid plastering. Solid plaster will give you a smooth, rendered finish but because the material is quite soft it is better when used as finishing product. One of the benefits of cement renders is that it is a substance that can be used to provide a number of decorative effects. Cement renders can either be plain grey, or they can be coloured, your builder will probably mix a sample and allow it to dry so that you can see what the finished colour will look like. The benefits of rendering allow you to have virtually any colour that you want on your house and in many different decorative styles. Acrylic rendering is popular because acrylic is a versatile material; one of the benefits of rendering with acrylic is that it will dry much more quickly than other renders, in a couple of days rather than several weeks.

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