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Brick Coatings

People use many different processes to both enhance and protect their properties. Rendering is one of the processes that are ideal for covering minor imperfections, while brick coating is designed to protect the brickwork and stop damp from entering your home. Brick coatings are often referred to as masonry sealants in the trade as they are designed to protect your property by stopping water from penetrating the brick while at the same time allowing any water vapours to escape, thus avoiding damage to the bricks. There are many things that can damage the walls of your home and brick coatings are one way of limiting that damage.

Types of Brick Coatings

There are different types of brick coatings, including clear brick coatings, pigmented or coloured coatings and products that form a film over the brickwork. Coatings can be either water based or oil based but many professionals prefer coatings made from acrylic because it stops water from entering the brickwork while at the same time allowing the water vapour to escape. Brick coatings that are made from acrylic are much easier to apply than most of the other coatings. If a clear sealant is used as brick coatings, it will not stop water vapour from moving through the brickwork.

Wall Damage

Your property may be new or it may already have been standing for many years. When masonry is constantly exposed to the weather it can eventually be damaged by water and allow damp into the home. Brick coatings help to protect the masonry of your home and stop the damage that constant exposure to wet weather can do. Water vapour or steam as well as the liquid can harm brickwork, weakening the masonry. Over exposure to water can cause the brickwork to crack because water changes the alkaline nature of masonry and can therefore weaken it over time When people have brick coatings applied to their exterior walls, water can no longer permeate the structure and cause damage. Walls that have already been badly damaged by water are hard to fix, when you have a masonry sealant or brick coatings applied it extends the life of the masonry in your home.

Spotting Water Damage

It is quite easy to find out whether the brickwork in your home has been affected and damaged by water because it shows up as streaks or chalky patches on the brickwork. The chalky patches and streaks in your brickwork are the result of calcium salts. Calcium salts are actually an important part of your brickwork, but water dissolves the compound and this then damages the bricks. Brick coatings are designed to stop the damage that is caused to masonry by water and water vapours. If you live in a home where the external masonry or brickwork has been painted, then dissolved calcium salts can cause the paintwork to crack and peel. When you get a professional to apply brick coatings you will limit the damage that has been done to your brickwork.

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