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Building Rendering

Building rendering is being used by contractors throughout the UK as it's not only a great way to finish a building; it also provides an additional layer of protection ensuring that brickwork and the likes are fully protected from the elements. With many houses in the UK having been built with building rendering, some of the older ones are now showing their age.

In the 1960s and before, building rendering was largely done using cement render. While pebbledash was all the rage back then, today there are many homes that were built and finished that are now showing their age. The fact is that even though traditional rendering looked great for new builds, over the years it aged rapidly thanks to pollution and also the lack of technology.

Today, many examples of early building rendering are falling to pieces and as a result, many homeowners are being forced to get their homes re-rendered which many thing can be an expensive and time consuming ordeal. The good news is that today, building rendering has never been cheaper and with the advent of new technology such as acrylic rendering, it also lasts a great deal longer than ever before and it can be applied even quicker.

With many different types of building rendering available to homeowners, Rendering isn't only a way to ensure that your home is better protected, but it's also a great way to ensure that your property looks exactly the way you want it. Indeed just as there are many different types of render available there are also countless finishes that you can choose from. Everything from straight renders to pebble-dashed effects and even more are available. When you have your home rendered today, there really is almost unlimited choice.

The great thing about building rendering is that it's never been so affordable. While the price largely depends on the size of your home or structure, you can get a building rendered for less than 10,000! While rendering won't add a great deal onto the value of your home, in today's troubled housing markets, it's one of the best ways to ensure that you get a better price for your home because no one wants to buy a building that looks dilapidated!

Building rendering is something that's a valuable addition to almost any property. Unlike painting your home which can only last a few years, rendering can last decades if applied correctly. Combined with the benefit it has to your brickwork and protecting your home, it's an affordable improvement that really is worth every penny.

With various types of building rendering available, you are able to choose from all sorts of variations. From acrylic rendering which dries in just a few days to traditional cement renders, you could fully render your home and finish it with a marble effect render, a sandstone effect render or just about anything! Indeed, rendering gives you the freedom to renew your home's exterior and also make sure that it lasts for decades.

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