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Cement Render Replacement

Rendering is actually a job for qualified professionals because it is too easy for amateurs to get it wrong and this could be an expensive mistake. Sometimes people apply cement renders to their homes using a mix that is totally inappropriate, which means the professionals then have to be called in to undertake cement render replacement. A cement render is not appropriate for all buildings, particularly very old buildings as it can cause the decaying process to go a lot faster. If you have had a cement render on an old building then you may need a cement render replacement, possibly acrylic.

Cement Renders May Not Suit Older Properties

The reason that a cement render may not work with older buildings is that their structure is such that water is absorbed by the building’s fabric and then evaporated out, a cement render restricts evaporation and can cause cracks in the walls. If you live in a pre-Victorian property then it is highly likely that a cement render is inappropriate. An inappropriate cement render can fail in patches and come away from the wall, lime is the best cement render replacement because it has a more uniform appearance and better weathering characteristics.

Removing Cement Renders

If you need to make a cement render replacement then it is possible to remove inappropriate cement renders by working across the surface with a hammer. and chisel, a bit at a time. You need to be very careful when you are removing cement renders. Do not attempt to remove large areas at a time because if a large area is levered off it can do a lot of harm to the brickwork or stone that lies underneath the render. If you hire a professional to remove the cement then they may do this with power tools. Once the render has been removed you need to apply a cement render replacement after the building has been left for a short time without one as this gives things time to settle. Sometimes the fabric beneath the cement may be saturated and this needs top be allowed to dry out before a cement render replacement is applied.

Replacing Inappropriate Cement Renders

It is a good idea to use a soft and porous lime render as a cement render replacement. Lime is a great cement render replacement because it is ideal for letting out water vapours, which means that the brickwork underneath will be able to breathe. One of the main reasons for using a material that allows water vapour through is that it is better for painting. When paint is used on cement or some other types of render it becomes too heavy and there is a risk of water becoming trapped and affecting the material underneath. Colourless water repellent finishes are inappropriate as a cement render replacement because again, there is the chance of water becoming trapped. A cement render replacement may not last as long as other renders because the salt deposits left on brickwork may cause the render to start decaying earlier than normally expected.

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