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Cement Rendering

Cement rendering has been used for centuries to cover all sorts of buildings. It's an effective form of wall covering that protects brickwork from the elements and used correctly, it can extend the life of a structure by years. Cement rendering is effective, affordable and combined with the technology that's available today, a great way to not just make your structure last longer but to help it look better than ever.

Traditionally, render was a mix involving cement, lime and sharp sand. Today however while cement rendering is still popular, it's largely been supplanted by modern technology in the form of bag of premixed render as well as acrylic rendering. Essentially they are all quite similar, except acrylic rendering is pretty much the evolution of rendering with the addition of acrylic fibres, and premix is traditional render with a number of other additives to ensure that walls can dry quicker and last longer than ever before.

With cement rendering still popular, the only weakness of rendering was always the excruciatingly long drying times. It used to be that to render a wall using a cement render mix; you'd need to have absolutely dry weather to ensure that the wall could be fully rendered and that it also had enough time to dry a little. In the UK this always meant having to wait for a dry spell, which could make things difficult.

Today however, even though cement render is still popular, premix is now the best choice as it ensures a consistent mix that contains a number of additives that ensure that the drying times are reduced substantially. Combined with waterproof elements, cement rendering with premix is still an option for many as it's one of the cheapest ways to build a high quality wall that lasts for decades.

However with acrylic rendering, the whole process has been transformed. From having to apply render by hand with an eagle and trowel, there are now acrylic render mixes which if you can believe it, can even be applied using a spray gun! Indeed, just like there were many unique textures that could be finished on cement rendering, with acrylic there are many more. It's now possible to have a rendered wall that looks like cement, marble, sandstone and with multiple colours and textures available homeowners are spoiled for choice.

Cement rendering has been around for centuries because it was and still is one of the most effective wall coverings available. Back in those days, rendering was even used to protect mud bricks! That perhaps gives an idea of just how effective this ancient form of wall covering is. Indeed, just as cement rendering has been used to cover exterior wall for centuries, stucco is an equivalent that's been used to cover and decorate countless interior walls for just as long.

Indeed, there are many different types of rendering and cement rendering is just one example. If you're looking to render your home so it looks like new, then acrylic or cement rendering is one of the best ways to transform a dilapidated building into something that really does look like new.

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