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Coloured Render

With the popularity of rendering homes, walls and other buildings, more and more people are opting to use a coloured render because not only does it give a property a dramatic finish, it's meant to last for decades without fading. Along with all the benefits of rendering a property, coloured render really can transform your property. Thanks to the fact that it's actually pigment in the render mix, the colour shouldn't fade and ideally it lasts for years.

In the UK we're stuck with what can only be described as rather chaotic weather. It has to be said that this really can take its toll on coloured render so if you're considering a pigmented render for your home you should make sure that the render is ideally 10mm thick and that it's also going to be completely waterproof.

Luckily there are countless additives that can be added to a render mix to ensure that coloured render is more waterproof, unlikely to fade and will last longer than ever. Thanks to acrylic render mixes, it's possible to ensure that your coloured render will last for a decade and even more. Up until recently, one of the major concerns wasn't so much coloured render fading but the effects of pollution. While it's still an issue in many areas, coloured render is a great deal more resistant than it used to be.

Today, render is quick to dry and it's an effective way to finish almost any property, and as more and more houses in the UK are being finished with render, it's proving itself just as popular in the 21st century as it was back in the 19th. Just as it was then, rendering your property is a stylish and attractive technique that really does make things last longer.

While coloured render is proving increasingly more popular, many people are opting for alternative finishes using acrylic render to create attractive finishes which have various patterns and textures. These forms of render look absolutely fantastic and combined with a coloured pigment; they really will set your property apart from the rest. It's proving a popular home improvement because it's one of the most dramatic ways to refresh the way your home looks.

But render isn't just being used on homes it can be applied to almost any brick structure. Walls, garages and even more are popular choices because render adds years onto the life of brickwork without it needing to be re-pointed. With modern rendering techniques, you can be assured of a fully waterproof finish that's easier to apply, economical and cheaper than ever.

Whether you're looking for a textured, patterned or even a coloured render, there are many choices available and whether you need to finish a wall or revitalize your property, it's a great way to get things looking like new. In today's troubled housing market, applying a new coat of render may very well give your property the refreshing touches it needs not only to sell but to do well in the market.

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