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Exterior Wall Coatings

People do a lot to make their homes more attractive and to protect them from bad weather conditions. Traditional renders and other exterior wall coatings help to mask any surface cracks and imperfections in exterior walls they can also help to reduce damp and stop deterioration. The more traditional types of exterior wall coatings or renders are lime, cement, stone and acrylic. What type of coating you choose will depend on what sort of walls you have and what if any problems there are. Painted cement coatings are not a good idea if you are trying to resolve a damp problem because the paint and the cement together can make it difficult for the bricks underneath to breathe, which leads to moisture retention. Exterior wall coatings provide an added layer of insulation and often help with soundproofing as well.

Textured Exterior Wall Coatings

Some lime renders are becoming popular again as the materials are kind to the environment and can often be reformed when they need replacing. Most textured exterior wall coatings are made from resin, which is waterproof, protects the walls from damp, and doesn’t crack or fade. Textured coatings are usually sprayed on the walls and this is best done by a professional. When you choose any wall coating you really need to take into account the weather conditions in your area as this can seriously affect the condition of your walls. Coloured exterior wall coatings are great for larger buildings, they usually only require one coat and need very little maintenance.

Modern Textured Coatings

Should you decide to have one of the textured, coloured exterior wall coatings available today, you should ensure that the colours of any exterior woodwork tone well with the rest of the building. If you live in an area where there is a lot of rain and damp then a spray on liquid silicone exterior wall coating will give your walls extra protection from the weather. Silicone wall coatings are generally clear and do not add colour or texture to your walls but they can help to prevent the build up of moisture and damp in your exterior walls.

Resin Based Exterior Wall Coatings

Resin based coatings are waterproof so they protect walls against damp and they are less likely to crack or peel than some other wall coatings. Resin based coatings need to be sprayed on by a professional and will often come with a guarantee. The resin based coatings are ideal for the average family home and will last for a considerable time. As with any exterior wall coatings or exterior decoration, you should ensure that whatever you choose fits in with the existing style of your home. The best type of coating will not only hide the small imperfections that plague most exterior walls after any length of time, it should also protect your home from damp and bad weather. No matter which of the exterior wall coatings you choose, get some expert advice on what should be applied to your walls and what protection it will afford.

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