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External Insulation Renders

Older houses are very popular with home buyers who prefer traditional design and original features. If you live in an older house then there may be some deterioration of the exterior walls, which is where rendering can help. When you plan a refurbishment of an older property, then you may want to consider external insulation renders as these are often used when a property needs refurbishing. If your home is damp and its insulation properties have deteriorated then having a specialist render applied to the exterior walls can be especially helpful. While there are times when it is possible to apply a do it yourself render to exterior walls, external insulation renders really do require specialist application. An increasing number of contemporary exterior wall renders, particularly those with extra insulating properties, may be manufactured by the same company that undertakes professional render application.

External Insulation Renders Protect Against Damp

Many older properties suffer from damp and heat loss and anything that helps to keep the moisture down and the heat in can be an advantage. External insulation renders will protect your property from a growing damp problem and help to keep cold and moisture out of your home and keep warm air in. Not all older properties are suitable for cavity wall insulation and an external insulation render is one way of dealing with this problem.

Older Properties

In older properties especially surface cracks in the wall and weather damage can spoil the appearance of a home, external insulation renders are an ideal way of covering up surface problems with exterior walls. Sometimes walls need to be thicker to increase the insulation properties in your home and external renders are an ideal way of achieving this. If you are interested in having external insulation renders on your exterior walls then you need to shop around for a building company that offers these services. Certain renders for exterior walls should always be applied by a qualified building professional.

Accredited External Insulation Renders

If you decide that one of the external insulation renders available is what you need for your property then you should get in touch with the company nearest you that offers such services. Certain renders are only available as proprietary products and though this is not always the case with insulated renders, it is fairly common. While many companies have their own products you should look for one where renders have appropriate accreditation. Insulation renders for exterior walls are generally designed and applied by qualified professionals who will be able to establish which product would be the most suitable for your property. Most insulated renders for exterior walls come with a warranty as such products tend not to crack and peel in the same way as some traditional exterior wall renders. While the main type of render may be the same overall, different products may vary in their colours and textures and the level of protection and extra insulation that they offer.

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