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Final Render

Cement and acrylic rendering are great ways to add a long lasting and durable finish to brickwork and thanks to the innovation that is acrylic rendering, it's getting more and more popular. With a number of render finishes available, it's no longer just a case of choosing between a plain render and pebbledash. Indeed, today there are countless finishes available and if you can find the right company, a final render can be decidedly more attractive than some of the finest brickwork.

When looking at the cement rendering process it has to be said that the final coat of rendering is perhaps seen as the most important. It used to be that cement render took weeks to dry and the final render was done sometimes days after the job had been started. With modern techniques, final render can be done just a few days afterwards, meaning that you can have a fully rendered wall or structure in as little as three days.

With final render techniques improving all the time, Nowadays there are countless different styles, colours and textures which you can choose from, With ideas everything from sandstone effect renders to natural effects the sheer range of colours, textures and coatings will leave you absolutely spoiled for choice!

Even though it's easy to choose a fantastic finish, it's also important to ensure that you choose a long lasting finish that can resist the rather unpredictable UK weather. Ideally this means avoiding a coloured finish which can fade over time and choosing a finish that suits your buildings natural look. When it comes to choosing a colour, many people recommend painting over adding pigment because if you're rendering a large area, the rendered colour may vary due to mixing differences and combined with pollution in a few years it may not look totally different.

Despite that, the final render can still be as unique and creative as you'd like. From rustic patterns to modern styles or even plain, straight renders there are many things that you can choose from. The great thing about rendering a building is that while it looks great, you are also adding a protective coat to the property which will last for decades, protecting the underlying bricks and mortar.

When it comes to rendering, there are roughly three coats applied and the final render is obviously done last. With the final render, your builder will ensure that it's waterproof and at the same time they'll finish it expertly according to what you want. While it's easy to render a wall yourself, the final render is always the most difficult.

Ultimately whether or not you choose an elaborate style or just a basic render; rendering is an affordable and easy way to transform just about any brick structure. Did you know that you can render your home for under 10,000? It may seem expensive, but the benefits of rendering speak for themselves it's a protective finish that really does ensure your home will be standing for generations.

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