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How to Make Render

Nowadays renders come in many different types and some of the more recent acrylic and other modern renders are manufactured. If someone wants to know how to make render then you will probably find yourself looking at articles and websites that are about cement mortar and lime renderings rather than the more modern variety. Not everyone agrees on what the ratio of one product to another should be when it comes to rendering, and it is possible to use a straight lime mix to put on exterior walls. Some professionals say that lime should generally be mixed with a certain kind of sand and that the mix should contain one part lime to three parts sand. If you want a cement render then the mix would contain cement as well as lime and sand.

Choosing the Right Render

The fact is that how to make a render is a question that can only be answered in terms of individual cases because so much depends on the type of walls you want to render as well as what the weather conditions might be in that area. Lime renders are soft and can take a while to harden, if you want your lime render to harden more quickly then you need to add some cement, but not too much because renders that harden too quickly are liable to crack.

Types of Render Mixes

If you want to know how to make render with a smooth finish then you apply a rough coat to fill out any unevenness in the walls and then two coats of lime render. Coarse sand is mixed with lime in order to achieve a smoother finish. You need lime putty that is at least three months old so that it is thoroughly slaked and less likely to result in cracks in the render. Some render mixes may include a waterproofing material such as Celtec mixed with two parts cement, 3.5 parts of sharp sand and 3.5 pars of builder’s sand. It is important to get the mix right, particularly if you want a cement render, a mix of clean sand, cement and lime. If you want to know how to make a render textured then you should vary the tools you use on the final coat, a mix of trowel, brush and sponge is quite common. If you are trying to make a render that has enhanced water resistance then you need a polymer additive in the mix.

Ready Mixed Renders

If you are really unsure about how to make a render you can always buy one of the ready mixed renders available on the market today. Premixed acrylic renders can be used on a wide range of buildings and on interior as well as exterior walls. Acrylic renders are good if you live in an area where the weather is bad because they are among the most water resistant renders. Some acrylic renders will need to have extra cement added shortly before the mix is applied to the walls. One of the best things about using acrylic render mixes is that the material dries out in just a couple of days instead of several weeks.

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