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How To Render A House

Cement render is a really popular way of finishing the exterior of finishing new build properties in the UK because it's not only one of the most economical ways to finish a home, it's also highly attractive and today there are numerous different types of cement render which can be used. Indeed, another benefit of rendering is that rendering is pretty straightforward and almost anyone can learn how to render a house, and with just a bit of practice it's really easy.

When learning how to render a house, usually it's best to start small and work your way up. The first thing you'll need to know is the differences between cement render and also the newer acrylic render. Cement render is the 'ancient' type with just lime, cement and sharp sand added where as acrylic render contains a number of additives that make the render quick drying, easy to apply and it can also have any number of colours.

After choosing the appropriate type of render for the property, you need to prepare your surfaced by cleaning and hosing them down to ensure nothing can get in the way of the bonding process. After hosing everything down, you'll mix enough render for about 45 minutes worth of work. If you're using acrylic render make sure you've followed the manufacturer's instructions. When looking at how to render a house, it's normally best to use colourless render because the colour can vary between mixes. After the render has been finished and is dry, one can paint which ensures an even and attractive finish.

During rendering, you'll want to try to apply 10mm of render to the work area, and after the render begins to dry, you'll look for holes and uneven spots that need levelling using a straight edge to level everything out. You'll also fill in bumps and hollows with additional render as necessary.

It sounds really simple, but the reality is that learning how to render a house can take some time. Applying render is the easy part, the hard part, just like many skills is in applying it well. As a result when learning how to render a house, you may be best starting on the garage or even the wall first as there's a certain 'knack' to the art of cement and acrylic rendering.

Rendering your home is a great way to give your property a modern and stylish look. It can transform your property quite drastically and when looking at how to render a house, there are many different options available in regards to how you want the render to look. From stone-effect renders to the famous pebbledash, when the jobs finished you'll be left with a professional job that really does look the works.

Rendering a home costs around 4000 or more and obviously if you learn how to render a house i.e. do it yourself there are significant savings to be had. But it takes significant time to get the art of rendering 'just' right.

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