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Medium and Coarse Renders

People have coated walls of various buildings in different ways for hundreds of years. Lime coatings in particular can be traced back as far as ancient Rome and there are many examples of historic, rendered buildings still around today. There are many different types of coating for exterior walls. Cement rendering has been a popular and prevalent way of coating exterior walls and can be made as light, medium and coarse renders. Other materials that are used in rendering are lime, resin, acrylic and polymer. Medium and coarse renders can be applied with a trowel but more often these days such renders tend to be sprayed on.

Which Type of Render

You need to establish, with the help of a professional, which type of render is best suited to the substrata of your home as many renders are not suitable for all types of buildings. Generally speaking, whether your render is light, medium or coarse often refers to the amount and type of sand that is in the mix. Medium and coarse renders are often applied to buildings in need of refurbishment because these tend to hide some significant faults in the substrata and provide extra protection where it is needed. Some medium and coarse renders, NPA (never paint again) for example, are guaranteed for up to twenty five years and are designed to protect your home from damp and improve its insulation properties.

Weatherproof Renders

While it is perfectly possible to have weatherproof exterior wall coatings in a smooth finish, medium and coarse renders can provide better protection and look better on older buildings where there may be some significant imperfections in the substrata. Not all exterior wall renders are protective renders, some are purely for show and there is no guarantee how long these coatings will last. When you choose weatherproof renders you can rest assured that your home will be better protected from things such as coastal erosion if you live near the sea, and it will also be protected from damp. Medium and coarse renders are often used for texturing as this not only looks attractive but adds extra strength to the substrata. Medium and coarse renders are used on buildings in countries all over the world, whether it is for protection from the unyielding heat in southern Spain or from the wind and rain in various parts of the UK.

Suitability of Medium and Coarse Renders

Medium and coarse textured renders are suitable for both domestic and commercial buildings. Spray on medium and coarse renders often have a better finish than renders that have been applied with a brush and trowel, and although the process is messier, it takes a lot less time to complete something that is worth considering when you think abut the effects of the weather on a work in progress. If your home or company building needs refurbishing and suffers from damp problems then spray on medium and coarse renders will not only protect the building, it will significantly improve its current appearance.

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