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Render Mixes

If you decide to have your exterior walls coated then there are a number of different types of coating available on the market. Exterior wall coatings are often referred to as renders and the rending mix that you require will differ depending on what kind of coating you want. Rendering the outside of buildings, either to make them look more attractive or as a way of refurbishing them has been in practice for centuries. The oldest type of rending mix is for a lime render. A basic lime rending mix is usually made up of coarse sand because this gives a smoother finish, three month old lime putty and water. If you want a slightly harder mix then you might introduce a little cement but most lime renders do not, traditionally contain cement. Traditional mortar paint should not be used on lime renders as a lime wash is more porous and therefore better suited to older buildings.

Cement Rending Mix

Many homes, particularly newer builds with damp proof courses and cavity wall insulation are rendered with a cement rending mix. Cement mixes are usually made from sand, lime and cement, the amount of cement in the rending mix will determine how soft or hard the finished render will be. Some cement renders have a substance called polymer added to the mix because this gives the render greater flexibility and provides increased insulating properties to a building. Adding polymer to the mix also provides greater resistance to water. Cement renders often have textured and painted finishes. A cement render mix will usually contain six parts clean sharp sand, to one part lime and one part cement.

Acrylic Rending

Acrylic renders are often smoother than more traditional rendering and the majority of them are ready mixed Acrylic renders are stronger than traditional renders, have added water resistance and are suitable for use on a much wider range of buildings and substrata than some more traditional mixes. Acrylic renders can be textured and come already coloured, obviating the need for paint.

Polymer Rending Mix

Like acrylic, polymer can provide a smoother finish than more traditional rendering and will provide enhanced water resistance. Many polymer mixes have insulating properties that enable you to conserve energy and keep your home at a more comfortable temperature for a lower cost. Again like acrylic renders polymer renders tend to come ready mixed. Increasingly contemporary building and construction companies provide many rending mixes already mixed, including traditional cement and lime renders.

While traditional renders tend to be mixed on site or as a do it yourself project most contemporary renders are factory produced and therefore ready mixed. Many of the more sophisticated rendering systems with enhanced insulation and sound resistant properties are complete products certified according to UK building standards. Contemporary systems that are suitable for many different types of substrata are always applied by professionals and often come with an extended warranty.

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