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Resin Based Renders

There are many different types of exterior wall coatings around today. Cement renders have been around a long time and traditional lime renders even longer. Contemporary render mixes have been developed especially to cope with modern buildings and problems of heat retention and noise reduction. More modern renders are designed to be applied by professionals and may not be suitable for do it yourself projects. Resin based renders or exterior wall coatings have been available for more than fifty used and were first utilised in America after the Second World War.

Early Resin Based Renders

The first resin based renders were made using asbestos, a product that we now know can be extremely hazardous to health, but this was not known prior to the nineteen seventies. In America resin based renders are also referred to as liquid vinyl and elastomeric texture coatings. Resin based renders last a lot longer than cement renders, which means they are more cost effective. Some companies believe so wholeheartedly in their products that they are offering fifteen and twenty year guarantees on such coatings.

Resin Based Renders in Europe and the UK

In the UK and most of Europe, the products used in the United States are referred to as resin based renders, wall coatings and textured spray applied coatings. Resin based renders are regarded as high performance products that are ideal for coating the exterior walls of family homes. Resin based renders have a number of benefits that are not always found in more traditional renders and finishes. Renders that contain resin donít crack like some other exterior wall coatings and neither are they subject to peeling. The colour or resin based renders will not fade and the famous never paint again systems are simply resin based exterior wall coatings with a through colour. Resin based renders often provide enhanced insulation and they also stop the build up of damp in the substrata of a building. Resin still allows the substrata to breathe and repel water. Renders that contain resin are ideal for properties in locations where the weather conditions are harsh or where buildings are liable to coastal erosion.

Professional Application of Resin Based Renders

One of the main drawbacks of resin based renders for many people is that these exterior wall coatings have to be applied by a professional, working with resin in this way is not a job for the gifted amateur. Before a render that has a resin based can be applied the building has to be thoroughly cleaned and necessary repairs, such as replacing the brick ties must be done before the render can be applied. When a resin based render is being applied it is first necessary to apply at least one and possibly two coats of primer Ė this will largely depend on the type of building and substrata to which the render is being applied. You can have textured renders that are resin based and many of the more recent products are available to buy in a wide range of colours. Resin based renders require little if any maintenance.

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