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Specialist Renders

The rendering of homes and public buildings has been going on for most of recorded history. Traditionally a lime render was used to protect buildings, make them more attractive and to extend the life of older properties. In addition to the more usual lime, cement and now acrylic renders there are plenty of specialist renders available on the market today. Some specialist renders use polymer in the mix to give extra flexibility and greater water resistance while others may produce a roughcast finish. Insulating rendering systems are specialist renders that are designed to prevent heat loss and save energy, these particular renders may also provide some muting of outside noise. As with a number of other specialist renders, an insulated rendering system should only be applied by a professional and many companies now produce their own specialist renders in-house.


Monocouche is a specialist render that only requires on coat and that coat has to be applied by a qualified professional. The term Monocouche is a French one and this single specialist render is coloured through and is weatherproof, it is also applied differently to many other types of renders. Monocouche can only be sprayed on by a professional, and when done properly can last for up to thirty years. Like many other specialist renders the monocouche is certified through the appropriate channels.

Lightweight Thin Coat Specialist Renders

Among the many different specialist renders available today the lightweight thin coat render is a specific kind of polymer rendering that should be coated or sealed once it is cured. Some polymer mixes, only require one coat, but the lightweight thin coat render is applied as two coats, the first of these has a nylon reinforced mesh incorporated into the mix and is should be somewhere between 9mm and 12mm thick. The lightweight thin coat render is often used as an alternative to a cement render simply because it is lightweight whereas the cement render tends to be heavy. Besides being more durable and lighter than a cement render, the lightweight thin coat renders generally perform better and are less susceptible to shrinking and to cracking and peeling.

Resin Based Renders

Resin based renders are specialist renders that have been around for more than fifty years and were first developed by the United States forces. Modern render mixes like resin based renders are specialist renders that have been specially developed for use with modern building and are designed to deal with the problems of reducing the impact of external noise and making heat retention more possible. Specialist renders may not suit every type of property, and as with all renders you need to make sure that you are applying the render that is designed to be used with your type of substrata or you could find there are problems. In spite of the rise of specialist renders, traditional lime renders seem to be the favourite, even among those professionals promoting other products.

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