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Stone Coatings

There are many different types of renders and exterior wall coatings as the practice of rendering or coating an exterior wall for refurbishment or enhancement processes have been around for a very long time. Stone coatings for exterior walls have been introduced as a more attractive alternative to stone cladding. Stone coatings are durable and attractive and produce effects that look remarkably like quarried stone at a fraction of the price. Stone coatings are cheaper than what is known as faux stone and they make an eco friendly external wall coating. Stone coatings are specialist wall coatings that are made from a mixture of crushed limestone and crushed marble and then coated with natural pigments to give them an authentic appearance.

Stone Coating Application

This stone effect wall coating needs to be professionally applied like many specialist renders and exterior wall coatings. The stone coating is sprayed onto the exterior walls of a building and once it is set, the mix is then carved into the shape and form of natural stone or can be supplied in panel form as an alternative. There are many different styles of stone coating and the product also comes in various colour choices.

Are Stone Coatings a Viable Alternative to Cladding?

In the nineteen eighties there was a proliferation of stone cladding in certain areas, an exterior wall covering that did not look very much like the stone that it purported to be. Stone coatings are a recent introduction into the world of exterior wall coatings and this product is actually made from crushed limestone mixed with crushed marble so it does have some of the authenticity that was lacking in stone cladding. Cladding tends to be thick and awkward looking whereas stone coating is sprayed onto the exterior walls of a building and this gives it a more natural look. Once the coating is dry you can choose to have it carved into natural stone shape. There are a variety of colours and style choices in stone coatings.

Preparation for Stone Coatings

Stone coatings are not that different to more traditional renders and other exterior wall coatings. Before you apply any kind of render or coating to an exterior wall you need to ensure that the surface is first properly prepared and cleaned. If there is an existing render or coating on the wall this will have to be removed then the walls will need to be washed down, preferably with a power washer to remove any residue and to get the wall thoroughly clean. If there is any dirt or paint residue left on a wall then the coating may not adhere properly to the wall. It is not unusual for exterior walls to develop mould especially in areas where there is a lot of damp weather. Mould needs to be treated with a fungicide before the coating can be sprayed onto the wall. As with most exterior wall coatings it is usual to apply some sort of primer before the coating is actually sprayed onto the wall.

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