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Types of Pebble Dash

There are many different coverings for exterior walls, some of which are regarded purely as alternatives to rendering. Pebble dashing is a covering for exterior walls and is made up of a base coat of lime and cement.
If you want the base coat to adhere to the wall surface then you need to ensure that the surface is thoroughly clean before the lime and cement base coat is added. Small, washed and drained stones are usually picked up in a small shovel and thrown at the wall while the base coat is still wet. As each lot of pebbles hits the wall it is then pressed into the cement and lime base with a trowel. Pebble dashing is not an expensive way to cover your walls and in times when there have been economic problems builders have used pebble dash as an alternative to more expensive renderings. Different types of pebble dash was quite popular in the nineteen twenties because it gave an ideal cover for surface imperfections on a wall and does not affect the permeability or ability of the wall to breathe and rid itself of moisture. There are different types of pebble dash available on the market but they are fairly similar in application.

Spa Dash and Wet Dash

Spa dash and wet dash are variants on the more familiar pebble dash. Spa dash in particular is applied in exactly the same way as pebble dash but instead of being a mix of a lime and cement base and pebbles, spa dash is a mix of lime and cement base and a different aggregate made up of gravel, chippings and shale. The sizes of the aggregate will vary and it is possible to combine colours to form a recognisable pattern. Again wet dash is very similar to pebble dash and has the same base coat of lime and cement applied to the wall first. The second stage is quite different with wet dash because a second coat of lime and cement is mixed in with spar or chippings and this is then sprayed on the wall, producing a roughcast finish. While both spa dash and wet dash are different types of pebble dash, they are also very similar in their basic application.

Tyrolean or Stucco

The Tyrolean or stucco types of pebble dash are most popular in England and Wales but are also found in parts of Europe. A traditional lime and cement mix is placed into what is called a Tyrolean gun, which is actually a bucket with a central textured roller. Tyrolean guns can be hand operated and the surfacing is added in textured layers until you get the finish that you actually want.


In addition to the types of pebble dash above, there is also a coating referred to as harling. Harling is a lime based product that is applied to the wall by flicking it on until you get the effect you want. The layered nature of harling makes it a good coating for poorly maintained walls and brickwork.

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