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Tyrolean Render Repair

In recent years there has been a tendency for many home owners to want exterior wall coverings. On many homes in England and Wales, a Tyrolean render is quite common on many properties. A Tyrolean render is a cement based render and cement based renders are not good on homes with a traditional stone or brick substrata. Most people have renders on their exterior walls because they want their home to look attractive, and they may also want to protect their property from bad weather and excessively damp conditions.

Problems with Cement Renders

The fact is that cement renders actually inhibit the breathing that is essential for some buildings to rid themselves of condensation and excess moisture build-up. When you use a cement render on more traditionally built properties you may not realise it but you could be doing your home a lot of damage. Using the wrong type of render on a building can lead to a build-up of damp, which in turn can lead to cracks in your render and some pieces may fall off. While it is not that easy to undertake a Tyrolean rend repair it can be done providing you follow a few simple rules. You only need to do some bask internet research and it shouldn’t be too hard to find information on undertaking a Tyrolean render repair.

Undertaking Tyrolean Render Repair

If you see a problem in your render then you should check out the extent and source of the damage before you undertake Tyrolean render repair as the wrong actions could make the problem a lot worse than it is at present. Render cracks may be due to a problem with the underlying substrata of your home and this will need professional advice and intervention as it could be a major refurbishing job. If the building itself seems ok then the main problem may lie with the render. Renders may crack if they have started to come away from the wall underneath.

Has Your Render Come Loose from the Wall?

You can soon find out whether your render has come loose from the wall and you need to undertake Tyrolean render repair, simply by tapping around the crack with a hammer. If the sound that you get is hollow then this usually means that the render is detached from the wall. If the cracks you have discovered are small ones then these can be filled with vinyl based filler or cellulose designed for exterior use and then smoothed down. If the render is coming away from the wall and it is only a small area, it may be worth removing that particular piece of render and replacing it with a new patch. Once of the problems with replacing broken bits of render is that it is very hard to achieve the weathered look of the existing render on the newly applied patch. You can undertake Tyrolean render repair without needing to spend money on hiring the machine that the render was applied with in the first place. Tyrolean render repair can just as easily be put on with a brush as it can with a machine.

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