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Wall Rendering

From garden walls to perimeter fences, putting a boundary up is becoming more important these days in order to ensure that your home is attractive, and that it looks its best. While many build a wall for the purpose of security and to ensure their home is secure. However for the most part, building a wall is also a cosmetic thing and today, more and more people are putting up walls because quite simply, their home just doesn't look right without one. With brick walls, concrete walls and even fences to choose from, a popular choice is to build a brick wall with wall rendering on the outside.

Indeed, rendering is a great way to build any wall because brickwork in the UK is exposed to all sorts of weather conditions and without some form of protection, a wall may only last five or ten years before it starts to weaken. By taking advantage of wall rendering, not only do you get a structure that's stronger, your wall will look more attractive, be easier to paint and it will undoubtedly be more resistant to the elements.

Today, there are many types of wall rendering available and you're not going to need to wait for summer for the wall to dry. With new innovations in the form of acrylic wall rendering, you can build a wall and have it fully rendered in the space of just one week. Compared to traditional cement render, the whole process would take roughly a month!

The good news is that today even if you want a traditional cement render to perhaps save money, you can still benefit from quicker drying times and increased waterproofing thanks to additives that are available for the mix. Just like lime is used in a render mix to ensure it's easier to apply, there are many others available which can be used to ensure that your mix dries quicker, goes on easier and lasts longer than ever before.

Wall rendering has been around for centuries and you can render just about anything. Today with all sorts of colours, textures and effects possible, you can do almost anything. From rendering your home to rendering your garage, rendering helps your property look absolutely stunning and when it comes to professional wall rendering; it really does help set your home apart from the rest.

Luckily, today rendering has never been cheaper thanks to quicker drying times and the generally longer life that cement render has. It used to be that a coat of render would only last a matter of time because winter and frost would take its toll heavily. Today, wall rendering lasts a lot longer and the great thing is that it's also semi-porous meaning that water vapour can escape from the wall, yet water can't get in.

With prices never having been cheaper, finishing with render is proving popular amongst home builders and just about anyone for that matter. The fact is that when it comes to rendering your home, wall rendering is the cheapest ways to get a new look which can last for decades.

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