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Invisible Silicone Wall Renders

Some buildings are more prone to damp than others and some locations in the UK experience more rain and general bad weather than other parts. One way of providing extra protection against damp and extreme weather conditions is to have one of the invisible silicone wall renders applied to your exterior walls. There are companies that guarantee that their silicone renders will reduce heat loss and cure damp walls once and for all. Most invisible silicone wall renders are designed to penetrate beneath the surface of the walls of a building which helps to prevent erosion in the exterior walls and stops penetrating damp completely.


If you live in a house where damp is a problem and cavity wall insulation is not an option then silicone rendering may be the answer to your problems. A silicone render is not the same as traditional renders in that any differences to the exterior walls of your home will not be immediately apparent as they would with a traditional cement or lime render. If you have problems with your home because of damp and inclement weather conditions then a silicone wall render may not look as attractive as a cement rendering but it will solve certain problems.

Types of Building

Before you decide to spend a lot of money you first need to know whether the walls of your home are suited to invisible silicone wall renders. Silicone is an exterior coating for buildings with unpainted brick, natural stone or block exterior walls. While it is possible to buy do it yourself waterproofing agents on the open market they are not guaranteed to stop damp and will not protect your home from harsh weather conditions. Whereas some renders and waterproof systems will provide protection for your home for up to five years, invisible silicone wall renders are guaranteed to go on protecting your home for many years into the future. Silicone wall renders are actually a building refurbishment option, designed primarily for homes where damp and heat loss are causing serious problems.

Moisture and Building Substrata

While most exterior wall renders will give some protection from moisture buildup, silicone renders are designed to get beneath the surface of your exterior walls to dry out the substrata and get rid of damp problems for good. Invisible silicone wall renders seep into the gaps in your building substrata where the moisture enters and prevent damp from getting into your walls. In the long run silicone wall renders will save you money because drier walls keep the heat in a building far more effectively than walls that are damp. Silicone exterior wall coverings provide insulation to your home and this cuts the cost of your energy bills and in coastal areas the coating protects the exterior of your home from erosion. Rendering with silicone in this way also helps to alleviate the frost attacks that can crack render and mortar joints and provides greater protection and added insulation to your home.

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