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Period Renders

Historic buildings and homes often have shabby masonry and need particular types of exterior wall coatings to stay within the period, to protect the underlying strata and to improve the appearance of the building. Period renders are those renders that are specifically designed for historic homes and buildings and these renders usually have an insulating quality to preserve the walls, reduce moisture buildup and keep heat in. There are different types of insulating wall renders and the type you choose will depend largely on the type of sub strata of the building.

Refurbishing Older Buildings

Period renders tend to be refurbishments of walls that are in need of extra strength and protection; these renders are applied in such a way as to preserve the traditional style of historic buildings. Most period renders are BBA approved and have a thirty year design life and carry a twenty year warranty. Many historic homes and buildings have structural weaknesses and applications are especially designed to refurbish those structures while at the same time increasing insulation within the building and giving added protection to the sub strata.

Benefits of Insulated Period Renders

Historic homes and buildings are usually solid wall installations of either brick or stone and without cavity wall insulation. Period renders are used for refurbishing buildings where there may be some structural weaknesses and where greater thermal efficiency is required. Period renders can significantly improve the thermal performance in a historic building, saving on energy costs and making energy usage more effective.

When fuel consumption is lessened due to the insulating properties of period renders, harmful Co2 emissions are also reduced. Refurbishment renders have an impact resistance of 6N/m protecting the property from heavy winds and where, in bad weather, there may be problems with falling trees. The fire resistance level of refurbishment renders is Class O as defined by UK building regulations. Renders improve the sound resistance of a building, meaning that more sound from outside is muted, making life a lot more comfortable for anyone in the building. Dew and rain occur on the outside of the system, which means that damp will not enter into the sub strata and there is no problem with condensation. Period renders can also help to protect historic homes and buildings from coastal erosion if they are situated near the coast.

Period Renders for Solid Wall Buildings

Historic or period buildings are generally brick or stone built properties with no cavity and which would be unsuited to cavity wall insulations if there were because of the size of the property or as a result of structural problems. Companies can help to revalidate the structural integrity of a period building while at the same time enhancing its thermal insulation properties. If your property has some surface deficiencies but is structurally sound you need an external wall insulation system but if the property is structurally deficient then structural insulated cladding that suits the original style of the building is what is needed.

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