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Polymer Renders

Lime has been in use for centuries for treating external walls and providing a render. Traditionally renders on the exterior walls of buildings, and in some cases the interior, were of lime and sand or cement lime and sand. While lime renders are still very popular there is now a tendency for these more traditional mixes to be modified with a substance known as polymer. Polymer renders are more modern and usually more cost effective than the traditional renders and they also have additional, significant benefits.

Polymer and Weatherproofing

One of the main reasons that polymer renders are becoming increasingly popular is because the substance provides exceptional weatherproofing properties. If you live close to the sea then polymer renders can help to protect against coastal erosion and damage caused by high winds and excessive rainfall. Renders mixed with polymer are vapour permeable meaning that condensation escapes rather than remaining in the substrata of the building. From the builder’s point of view one of the best things about polymer renders is that the substance gives the render extra adhesion properties, so it is less likely to come off the walls and the render is much easier to apply than traditional mixes. Modern renders with polymer usually come ready mixed as they are generally applied by professionals and do not need to be mixed onsite, which cuts the time the job takes. Polymer is a cost effective method of rendering because it lasts much longer than traditional exterior wall coatings.

Extended Life Span and Other Benefits of Polymer Renders

Renders that are mixed with polymer can have a BBA certified lifespan of up to thirty years and some of this is due to the extra adhesion properties that polymer provides. Extreme weather and impact resistance also ensure that polymer renders have a longer life than more traditional lime and concrete mixes. Colour is already in the mix so no painting is required, which means that the substrata can breathe, and there is a wide range of colours available and the colour is remarkably consistent, giving a superior finish when compared to mortar paint.

The Versatility of Polymer

Polymer is a versatile product and these renders are as well suited to refurbishing historic properties as they are to new builds. Its versatility means that polymer is a suitable render for many different types of substrata including timber and steel framed structures as well as traditional concrete and masonry. Because polymer renders offer a wide range of colours and textured finishes it gives property owners greater scope for personalised design. Renders are guaranteed to perform as expected and many will carry a ten year guarantee. The render helps to reduce the damage of condensation and increases the thermal qualities of a building. Polymer is great for patching and restoring damaged wall surfaces and is often applied with a trowel. It is possible to have lightweight thin coats of polymer which require two coats of render and these are generally sprayed on and require professional application.

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