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Rendering Prices

When it comes to rendering your home, garage or even your wall often many people think that rendering is an expensive prospect, but the truth is rendering prices have never been cheaper thanks to the fact there are now a number of different types of cement and acrylic render which can be applied relatively quickly and with ease. Thanks to this, your home can look like new in just a matter of days instead of previously having to wait a month or more.

With rendering prices being more affordable, there's never been a better time to brighten up your home. When looking types of render, there are many colours, textures and different patterns which can be chosen and indeed, today a cement render is more than simply a coating of cement. With marble effect, sandstone effect and countless other effects, you can create a highly professional and stylish look for your property.

Thanks to the availability of acrylic renders, it's never been easier either. While rendering usually takes multiple coats and then a final finishing layer of render, it used to be that it would take the best part of a month to fully render a wall because traditional cement render takes on average 28 dry and relatively rainless days to dry. Combined with British weather this meant that cement rendering was always best put off for summer months to ensure the best rendering prices.

Today however, there are numerous additives available that ensure render dries quickly, applies quicker and is even more waterproof than ever. The good news for homeowners is that rendering prices using these additives are just about the same. With cement and acrylic renders now lasting for much longer than ever before, rendering prices have never been cheaper!

Many building contractors use render on new builds because of the fact it's affordable and it looks fantastic. The days of being stuck to plain renders and pebble-dash are over thanks to acrylic render which gives even more variety than ever. Today thanks to advanced technology and acrylic render, it's now possible to apply some renders using a spray gun!

As you can imagine, all of these factors have helped to ensure that rendering prices are cheaper than ever. Traditional render however still remains popular as it's effectively just cement, sharp sand and lime. Traditional cement render has been used for centuries because it's an effective way to cover walls and hide unsightly features.

Regardless of what you need to cover, whether it's your home, garage or even a wall, rendering it is always a good choice not just because of rendering prices but because it not also protects the brickwork from rain and other degradation, it also looks fantastic. A rendered structure lasts longer, can easily be painted and overall, looks better than untreated brickwork.

With more and more companies offering various types of rendering, rendering prices are affordable, and it's a great way to redecorate the exterior of your home, hiding unsightly cracks or worn brickwork. Rendering is a smart investment for any home.

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