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Volume Rendering

Cement rendering is a highly effective form of finishing any brickwork structure as it adds a layer of concrete on the outside which both helps it look finished, but also acts as a protective layer from the elements. It's a highly affordable way of ensuring that your building or structure looks its best. Just as volume rendering is used in 3D graphics to give a bit of depth to an image making it look more detailed, cement rendering can help make your home look that bit more fantastic too.

Today, cement rendering is cheap, affordable and it's a popular choice for many as more and more people realize that there's an almost unlimited choice of finishes, textures and patterns. Nowadays as those horrible 70s pebble-dashed coats of renders begin to deteriorate, many households are now renovating with modern, high quality cement renders. With many fantastic 3D effects, rendering your home is like night and day. Just like the way that volume rendering transforms 2D into 3D.

Many people think that rendering a home or property is expensive and unnecessary. The fact is that rendering is a great way to ensure that your property is well protected and cared for. Cement rendering works well to ensure that your wall, garage or property is protected from the unpredictable UK weather and that it's also finished to a high standard that's going to look good for decades. 3D rendering effects such as pebbledash and textured finishes really do look great and they last as well.

When you look at the progress made in cement rendering and for example, 3D volume rendering, you'd be surprised to see just a many breakthroughs in both fields! If someone had to ask you which one is more advanced, you'd undoubtedly look at 3D volume rendering, but the fact is that they're equally as complex, because modern cement rendering uses advanced chemistry in the form of additives that ensure that render lasts longer, dries quicker and is more water proof than ever. Volume rendering maybe high-tech, but the truth is compared to cement rendering, it's a baby!

Indeed, cement rendering has been around for hundreds of years, whereas volume rendering has only been around since perhaps the late 1980s. One thing is for sure though and that is both technologies have done a great deal for humanity. Whereas cement rendering has been helping protect buildings, volume rendering has been used to create 3D renderings of CT scans, MRI scans and the likes you could say they both save lives.

Ultimately, cement rendering is something that can benefit everyone. It's all over the world, from the UK to the Ukraine and from South Africa all the way to South Australia. Thanks to modern technology, cement rendering is becoming easier to apply, more effective and it looks better than ever. When it comes to 3D volume rendering who knows what lies ahead because this technology is still in its infancy.

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